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How Extraordinary Movements Allow For Exceptional Photographs

Updated: Sep 2, 2017

Daniel Davis, Dale King-Clutterbuck and Oliver Aitchison are three young and enthusiastic individuals who come from a comprehensive, international sport and business background. In holding a strong passion for athleisure, they have combined their experience in the modelling industry and high level athletics to establish a new sport & lifestyle modelling agency in London, which operates alongside their track agency FORTE Sports Management.

Despite only having joined the industry a few months ago, FORTE Model Management (FMM) has already attracted the attention of many talented photographers, videographers, aspiring models and make-up artists who have all recognised the future and potential of the company. With ongoing projects and an impressive model bookers list, FMM has collaborated with clients to produce amazing results in a short period of time. The agency continues to make an impact and build relationships within the industry, as their niche has proven to be sought after.

Elegance in Action

The agency takes pride in its motto of ‘Elegance in Action’ when working with clients and recruiting models who can both capture a moment where face, body and motion coincide. FMM works with numerous professional athletes across many sports who are capable of expert and extraordinary movements, which allow for exceptional results and efficient projects.

A big thank you to photographers Dan Vernon, Greg Woodward, James Cannon, Jasmine Poole, Jack Terry, Frederick Parkin, and Karen Yeomans as well as make-up artists Adelle Tracey, Emily Bowden and Sam Mahon who have given FMM the necessary support to gain traction within the industry, while providing FORTE models with the opportunity to build their portfolios and gain experience behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

An exciting future awaits for all invloved within FMM as Davis, King-Clutterbuck and Aitchison continue to generate interest and opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Watch this space.



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